CHOOSE A Network

Practical Training for Pastors and Planters


For those in the pre-launch phase through the first few years of planting a church.

second chair

For those in high level support roles: executive pastors, campus pastors, associates, etc.


For pastors and planters wanting to ignite momentum in their churches or ministries.


For pastors or business leaders desiring to increase influence and health.

"Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7


Meet the coaches
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Andy Wood

Lead Pastor of Echo.Church
Andy is the lead and founding pastor at Echo.Church – a 3-campus church committed to impacting Silicon Valley and to multiplying campuses and churches across the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Filipe Santos

Executive Pastor of Echo.Church
Filipe is one of the founding pastors of Echo.Church. He’s provided leadership and vision to ops, finances, groups, outreach, and other ministries of the church. He’s also been a Campus Pastor and serves as a church planting trainer w/ the SEND Network (
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David Hibiske

Campus Pastor at Echo.Church
David has been at Echo.Church since 2010 and has effectively led several areas of ministry, including Connections, Kids, Students, Family, and Campus Ministry.

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