Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the coaching material?

Every month you will be emailed a link with your coaching video and any other resources related to your coaching session.

How much time do I have to watch my videos?

Your coaching video sessions will be available to you and your team for the entire length of your coaching network. You will be able to watch online or download it into your mac/computer.

Can I schedule a tour at one of the South Bay Church campuses?

Yes, many pastors and planters schedule a weekend to visit one of the South Bay Church campuses and meet with some of our staff. To schedule a tour, please contact us at

Can I share the coaching materials with others?

Yes, you may share the links and resources with others on your staff. Please don’t share it outside of your staff.

What’s unique about Frontline Coaching?

Frontline Coaching is practical and taught by pastors and planters on the front-lines of ministry. You get nuts and bolts, not just vision and inspiration. The coaching sessions and podcasts often feature perspectives and interviews from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Venture Capitalists.

What’s unique about South Bay Church?

South Bay Church was started in 2009 in one of the most unreached and expensive metropolitan areas in the world. Silicon Valley is home to hundreds of major tech companies and known for its diversity, innovation, and start-up culture. South Bay Church is a multi-site church reaching over 1600 a weekend, most of which are entrepreneurs from extremely diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds. The church has an emphasis on entrepreneurial leadership, small group ministry (above 75% of adults in groups), city-impact, and family ministry.

How was South Bay Church Planted?

20 churches and hundreds of individuals and families partnered to fund and start South Bay Church. In 2008, 3 families from across the country moved to the San Francisco Bay Area with a vision to start a life-giving multiplying church. Through cookouts, community outreach events, and intentional neighboring, these families built a launch team who eventually helped the church get off the ground. They held 3 Monthly Preview Services leading up to the official Grand Opening weekend, February 2009. South Bay grew to having 4 services at a school in Santa Clara, than eventually moved to its first more permanent facility in San Jose.

Has South Bay Church helped launch more churches?

Yes, South Bay Church has helped start more than 10 churches since it was planted. About 7 of those are in the San Francisco Bay Area.