The LAUNCH Network – Starting February 2017

The Frontline LAUNCH Network is a 12-session training (plus additional Q&A sessions) specialized for those in the pre-launch phase through the first 18 months of planting a church, as well as those planning on re-starting their church. Through the video teachings, Q&A sessions, and interaction with other planters in the network, you and your team will learn the nuts and bolts of successfully planting a church. We encourage lead pastors to include other key staff or leaders in the coaching sessions whenever possible.

Launch sessions are primarily taught by Andy Wood and Filipe Santos.

What’s the investment?

$50 a month or $500 one-time payment for 12 months of sessions and resources

What Do You Receive?

  • 12 Video coaching sessions to share with your team (topics below)
  • 4 Q&A live sessions about topics discussed
  • Recording of monthly interviews with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs from Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.
  • Outlines, documents, and training material related to monthly topics
  • Access to sermon resources, series graphics, and videos from South Bay Church
  • Interaction with dozens of planters and pastors through our private Frontline Facebook Group
  • Access to the South Bay Church staff team by appointment
  • Coaching from a Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor’s perspective

Content of Sessions:

  • CALLING: How to discern if, when and where to plant
  • FUNDING: How to effectively raise resources and build partnerships
  • LEGAL: How to get position your church to operate legally
  • STRATEGY: How to develop an effective launch strategy
  • PREPARATION: How to make the most of the pre-launch phase
  • LAUNCH TEAM: How to build and mobilize a launch team
  • PREVIEW SERVICES: How to plan and execute preview services
  • LAUNCH MONTH: How to launch with momentum
  • CULTURE: How to shape the culture of your team and church
  • ENCOURAGEMENT: How to stay encouraged and healthy in the process
  • STAFFING: How to build a healthy staff team and structure
  • CONNECTING: How to engage people into groups and teams

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