The Frontline SECOND CHAIR coaching is designed for Executive Pastors, Campus Pastors, Associate Pastors, Small Group Pastors, Directors of Ministry, or others who sit in high-level second-chair positions in churches.

Leading from the second chair is hard and often overwhelming, but it’s often the most strategic place to be if you want to make a difference in the mission and vision of a church. In this network, you’ll receive practical coaching on how to better support your Lead Pastor, how to better lead your staff, and how to leverage your position to move the mission of your church forward.

Our coaching comes from practitioners and focuses on nuts and bolts. Our goal is not just to inspire but to resource you with the practical tools you need to get the job done.

The sessions are primarily taught by Filipe Santos, Executive Pastor and David Hibiske, Campus Pastor at Echo.Church.

What’s the investment?

$50 a month or $500 one-time payment for 12 months of sessions and resources

What Do You Receive?

  • 12 video coaching sessions
  • 4 Q&A live sessions about topics discussed
  • Outlines, documents, and training material related to monthly topics
  • Access to sermon resources, series graphics, and videos from Echo.Church
  • Interaction with dozens of planters and pastors through our private Frontline Facebook Group
  • Access to the Echo.Church staff team by appointment
  • Coaching from the perspective of multiple pastors and leaders in the field

Content of Sessions:

  • How to recruit, mobilize, and lead high capacity leaders
  • How to get better at hiring, firing, and HR
  • How to lead a campus or ministry effectively
  • How to manage multiple staff members at the same time
  • How to establish healthy rhythms of health in a fast paced job
  • How to lead up without losing your job or moral authority
  • How to lift the arms of your Lead Pastor and build their reputation
  • How to start and improve ministries without them depending on you
  • How to implement systems of feedback, inspection, and accountability
  • Budgeting, HR, Assimilation…